What Is The Purpose Of Unlocking A Phone

Unlocking a phone consists in habilitating it to use sim cards from different network companies than the one that sold you’re your cellphone. You may have heard of unlocking a phone because your or maybe an acquaintance were going to change of network provider, but wanted to keep using the phone bought from another company.

To unlock your phone you had to take it to a technician who knew how to do it and pay for his services. However, it’s possible to do it directly from home with a coda available at Unlock-Direct and with no risk of damaging your phone. This way you the time you’d otherwise spend searching for a trustworthy business to unlock your phone and the many that they may charge you.

The advantages of unlocking your phone are:

•    Use your phone with any mobile network provider in the world
•    Save money otherwise spent in international roaming
•    Increase your phone’s resale price
•    Use different sim cards at the same time with a sim adapter

These are only a some of the many advantages that come by unlocking your phone and the best part is that you can do it at home, following the instructions found at Unlock-Direct.

Learn how to unlock your phone here.

Important advice: The unlocking referred in this article is for network providers but not for unlocking phones with forgotten passwords. In order to unlock your phone with Unlock Direct is necessary to provide information about the country and the network provider from whom the phone was bought.