What Is Device Unlock App And How To Use It

Back in August, 2014, after the US government approved cell phone unlocking as legal, T-Mobile and Metro PCS did their part by allowing some of the models they were selling to be unlocked using an app officially supported by them. It was called 'Device Unlock App' and allowed you to unlock your phone temporarily or permanently, as long as your phone was not blacklisted nos reported as stolen.

Initially, the only phone that could be unlocked this way was the medium range Samsung Galaxy Avant. However, recently more phone models have been enabled by the two companies to be unlocked through this app and that's the reason why we'll talk about the Device Unlock App in this post.

You may find this app installed by default in your phone, especially in T-Mobile and Metro PCS phones, but you may also download it from the app-store. Be careful, since this app does not work in any phone. Here is a list of the models that can use this app:

Remember that the phone you're going to unlock must not be reported nor blacklisted.

Remember that the phone you're going to unlock must not be reported nor blacklisted.

Though reports suggest that the app may be installed in many other phones, the unlocking procedure doesn't work in any of them.

Once you open the app you are greeted by this screen, explaining that your device is locked to its current network, however, if you want to inquire about how to unlock press continue.

Then, the app will ask you if you want to unlock your phone permanently or temporarily. Select 'permanently'. After that you should get this screen:

This is the only screen you should get to unloc

Note: If you get any other screen different from the one above the method described in this article won't work for you. Restrain from using it and losing money.

Once you get this screen, browse in your explorer to http://unlock-direct.com/ , look for your cellphone model and request to unlock it. This procedure is guaranteed and it will take a maximum of five business days. Since it is a new method, recently available for new models, It has a cost so you may want to be sure you get the screen displayed in the image above to avoid losing your money.

Once you request your unlock you should get a confirmation of your order. After a few days Unlock-Direct will make your phone eligible for unlocking and you'll get instructions to finish this process to your email. You don't need any kind of code or password. All you need is an authorization which Unlock-Direct will get for you, directly from the network provider's servers.

This are some images describing the final process to unlock permanently your phone from carrier restrictions: