How to Disable Samsung’s Regional Code

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released into the market, its southkorean developers decided they would incorporate a Region Lock within their devices. Similar to the DVD’s region code, which made it impossible, for example, to reproduce DVD’s bought in South America (Region 4) into your North American bought DVD device (Region 1).

In the same way, Samsung blocked its devices so a Samsung device bought in Europe Asia wouldn’t work with North American network providers.

samsung regional code

Nowadays, however, there is a solution for this issue in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and all Samsung devices that are region blocked, and it is called the Samsung Region Code.

This code has eight digits chosen by Samsung and it makes Samsung devices compatible with services offered in any region. There are web pages such as Unlock Direct, in which you can find explanation for how to unlock your phone or tablet right from where you are and they even provide the unlocking codes.

If you bought a Samsung device that is blocked to your local network provider, visit Unlock Direct to receive assessment and to acquire the Samsung Region Code. This way you can take maximum advantage of your Samsung devices and buy them overseas for the best prices