5 Baffling and Impractical Mobile Phone Designs

To develop a new model for mobile phones the first thing manufacturers do is conceptualize their ideal cellphone, having in mind its design, and features. However, for these five phones listed below, we’re uncertain of what the developers could be thinking.

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Star Shape Lady’s Cell Phone with Diamonds

sta shape cell phone

With probably the least creative name in the industry, this mobile phone was released in 2009. Designed for women by the company Discover Coast Southwest Inc., it has a 4.6 centimeters wide touchscreen, a camera with a maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels, Bluetooth, and a 2GB memory card. If you’re wondering if those are real diamonds, they are not. This phone can be bought from retailers at a price of 126 USD and it’s available on colors blue, gold, green, and pink. 

Nokia 7280

nokia 7280

With a screen of only 104x208 pixels, this mobile phone (AKA the Lipstick) was announced in 2004 and it was hype at the moment. However, time proved that this was not to be the future of mobile communications nor luxury. It was equipped with a 640 x 480 pixel VGA camera, located on the right end of the phone, is 11.5 cm long, 3.2 cm wide, and 1.9 cm high. This phone, only usable by the right handed, could be purchased back in the day for about 200 USD.  (Nokia models available for unlocking).

Siemens Xielibri


A year before Nokia announced its 7280 model; Siemens launched the Xielibri models to the market.  The series consisted in eight different models of mobile phones and its design was inspired by clothes fashion tendencies. The phones were marketed as luxurious accessories and were sold at high prices. They were more rare than practical and are remembered solely for their horrible design. 

Samsung P300

samsung p300

Although this device appears to be a calculator, it isn’t. We’re talking about the Samsung P300, which was announced on 2005. Its main appeal was that it was 9 millimeters thick and it was publicized as a business tool. Creatives must have thought that business is always boring. Its display was 220x176 pixels, it had a 1.3 MP camera incorporated, and in case you were wondering, yes, this phone also worked as a calculator (Samsung models available for unlocking).

Panasonic GD55

panasonic gd55

This last one is a lightweight. Panasonic has never stood out for their mobile phone designs; however, this one (from 2002) was exceptional. Even though this model appears to be simplistic, with a traditional arrangement of buttons, this phone was special because it weighed only 65 grams and was about the size of your pinky. Yes, it was light to carry (as if it was that important), but it wasn’t practical. The minuscular size of the buttons made dialing quite an issue for anyone with an average finger size and its 112x64 pixel display wasn’t pleasant for reading messages.

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