How To Unlock Your Cellphone From Carrier Restrictions

This is a basic guide to explain phone unlocking and how it is done. Its purpose is to show how you can override your phone's carrier restrictions from any place. It's 100% legal and it will allow you to use your phone with any phone company in the world.

1) What is phone unlocking?

When you buy a cellphone from a mobile communication company it's common that they set it so that you can't use it with another network from a different company. Phone unlocking overrides these carrier restrictions and enables your phone to be used with sim cards from almost any network provider in the world.

2) What is it good for?

If you're traveling out of the country you may save the money you would otherwise spend in International Roaming service by buying a local sim card. You may also use your phone with more than one sim card with a dual sim adapter. If you are considering selling your phone, unlocking it increases its resale price.

(Flickr: Sam Churchill)

(Flickr: Sam Churchill)

3) Can I unlock any phone with this method?

This method works on any cellphone that uses a sim card (GSM system). However, there are some network providers with CDMA systems that can be unlocked like MetroPSC, in USA.

If you're not certain whether your phone works with GSM or CDMA technology, you can visit or write to for support.

4) How do I unlock my phone?

To unlock your phone it's important that you have an Unlock-Direct code. If you don't have it you may acquire it at Search it by your country, the phone's model, and the network you first activated it with. You also need you phone's IMEI number.

5) How can I know my phone's IMEI number?

Type *#06# and SEND. Then 15 digits will appear on your screen. That's your IMEI number.

If more than 15 digits appear consider only the first 15 digits. It's possible that the IMEI number is also written in a tag near the battery inside your cellphone. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

If your phone's screen displays "MEID", your cellphone operates under CDMA technology. In that case go back to question number 3).

6) What if I can't find my cellphone model in the page?

Write to In most cases they can get you your code.

7) How do I introduce the code in my phone?

Steps may vary according to the model lf the phone you want to unlock. Generally, the steps are:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Insert a sim card that's not from the company you bought the phone.
  3. Turn on the phone.
  4. Type the Unlock-Direct code you received by email.
  5. Your phone is unlocked.

To unlock an iPhone a code isn't necessary. Though Unlock-Direct does the whole process. You just need to go to iTunes and update the phone's system. For more info visit

Video tutorial how to unlock a iPhone by IMI on iTunes

8) How long does the unlock last?

For ever. As soon as the phone is unlocked it will stay like that forever.

9) Is this method legal?

Completely Legal.

10) Disclaimer

This method only works for unlocking carrier restrictions. It doesn't work for cellphones with forgotten passwords. If your phone is blacklisted it may be unlocked but it will continue in the blacklist so in can't be used anyway. The method described in this post doesn't work for illegal purposes nor does it encourage illegal practices.