What is 'Error 53' and how it bricks the IPhone 6

Since the release of the iOS 9, many IPhone 6 users have complained about their cellphones bricking after upgrading their phones with the latest operative system (OS). The phone becomes useless after displaying the infamous 'Error 53'.

What is 'Error 53'?

Reports suggest that Error 53 occurs after replacing the home button (some users state that it also occurs after changing the screen) of your IPhone at a repair shop not authorized by Apple and upgrading to iOS 9.

Apple claims that this error is actually a security feature related to Touch ID (a fingerprint identity sensor) for the 6 and 6 Plus IPhone models, and its purpose is to keep personal information safe. However, these measures have proved to be controversial as many customers declare themselves unhappy.

Can 'Error 53' be avoided?

If you’ve ever bought repairs from anyone different to the Apple Store, don’t update your iPhone’s software.

Is Error 53 fixable?

Reinstall any original parts that got replaced at an Apple Store, if you still have them. If you don’t, you’ll have to buy a new phone.