Five Strange And Unique Cases For Your Smartphone

The most common way to protect a smartphone from physical damage is to buy a case for it. However, there are a lot of people that just don't like common. These are five examples of pretty unique and exclusive smartphone cases:

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Thumbs Up Pill Case

Perfect to remind people to carry and take their pills... or if you want your phone to look like a pill case. This realistic case can be bought ten to twelve bucks.

Disc Dial Phone

You have to be at least from the nineties to remember one of these vintage phones. If you do, this case is a nice way to remember not simpler times. Its available in the market for less than ten dollars.

CaseMarket Chocolate Bar

This is one realistic case. Its not made of chocolate and its not edible, however you may fool more than one with this fake chocolate bar for a little more than twenty dollars.

iZERCASE Watercolor Set

This one is for the artists. The ones that can afford a smartphone and 15 bucks on their cellphone's case. It's cute, it looks real, it looks artsy, but also cliché.

Calculator Case

This is the most functional entry on this list. It does not only protect you phone, but it also adds, substracts, multiplies, and divides... as your phone does too. You can have two calculators in one for approximately ten dollars.