Four Things You Should Know About Unlocking Your Phone

Unlocking your phone permanently makes it compatible with any network and any sim card, form any carrier. For example, if your cellphone is locked to Orange and you want to change to Vodafone, you can unlock it with the Unlock-Direct code and override the carrier restriction.

Learn the benefits of unlocking your phone.

¿Is it safe to unlock my phone with the Unlock-Direct code?

Absolutely. This procedure doesn't interfere with your phone's functionality, it disables the carrier restriction lock with a code provided by the same carrier o maker. For Iphone the process is made directly with Apple.

¿Can I unlock any phone with Unlock-Direct?

This procedure applies to all phones that work with sim cards (GSM). However, there are also a few CDMA companies that may be unlocked, for example MetroPSC, in USA.

If you are not certain if your phone is GSM o CDMA, you may ask your carrier o contact Unlock-Direct's customer service directly at their webpage, via email or on their group on facebook.

¿Is this procedure legal?

100% Legal. In any case, Unlock Direct guarantees that all their codes are obtained directly from the carrier company or the manufacturer.

¿When will the unlocking expire?

Never. As soon as the phone is unlocked with the Unlock-Direct code, it will stay that way for ever. This procedure unlocks the phone permanently.