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If you are SELLING or BUYING a cell phone or just want to CHANGE  the NETWORK, it is important that it can be UNLOCKED to be able to use it  with any operator anywhere in the world. Unfortunately most people don’t know how does it work, the procedure and this can cause many problems.

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1. Tell us how to get the IMEI number of your phone? You can find the answer here: VERY EASY.

2. Which brand/model of phone would you like to unlock?

Here FAQ and key information and the ANSWER: 

Also, you can learn more in our post HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR PHONE USING YOUR IMEI NUMBER? 

With Unlock-Direct you can unlock your phone and use it with any operator anywhere in the world.
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The raffle will take place on January 31, 2016, the winner will be selected randomly using the Woobox application.
The winner can choose the voucher for $ 30.00 usd from Amazon, Ebay or Unlock-Direct.